* Shift into the NEXT LEVEL of MASTERY *

A Rare & Sacred Opportunity to Study with Awakened Masters from Around the World.

* Inspirational Talks * Experiential Workshops * Potent Healing Tools * Merging Ancient Traditions with Futuristic Inner Sciences * SELF-HEALING & REJUVENATION * Alchemy * Immortality * Living on Light * Living from Love * Telepathy/Enhanced Perception * Sacred Relationships & Family * Conscious Creation & Fertility * Birthing the New Master Generation * NURTURING SOUL-FRIENDSHIPS * Celebrating Peace, Happiness, Joy! * CO-CREATING PARADISE ON EARTH! *

For Health Professionals:  PRANIC 2015 is officially APPROVED by Acupuncture Board for 21-hrs CEU credits (category 1)! (CEU Provider #956 – The School of Dan Tian Wellness).

The ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATIONAL EVENT for Consciousness Explorers, Yogis, Visionaries & Human Pioneers!





Our Amazing Speakers

P.A. Straubinger

Documentary Filmmaker
In the Beginning there was Light


Ambassador for The Embassy of Peace, Author, Int'l Lecturer, Pranic Researcher & Pioneer

Camila & Akahi

Pranic Breathairian Masters
Akahi ~ Creator of *8 Day Process*
Camila ~ Womb Wisdom, Conscious Birth & Parenting /

Wim Hof (joining us via Video Conferencing)

Yogi, Human Pioneer, 26x Guinness World-Record Holder


Yogi, Vegan Activist, Pranic Consciousness Teacher (portuguese) (googletranslate)

Dr. Edith-Ubuntu Chan

Doctor of Holistic & Chinese Medicine
Founder/Heartmaster of The School of DAN TIAN WELLNESS

Elitom El-amin

Author, Breatharian Master

“It’s Okay to be Healthy”

Elitom on Supreme Master TV

Max Christensen

Traditional Taoist Teacher,
Teacher of Traditional Esoteric & Alchemical Practices



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“When we understand how to tune ourselves into postive paradigms,
we become free.
Permanent peace comes when we understand the pathways...
What future do you want...
for yourself, your children?”

~ Jasmuheen


``You are the artist of your life creations, the talent and creativity is vibrating within you, all the resources in the appreciation of the present* to create of this day, the most wonderful experience* living day by day, aware of your power, in Divine Presence*, celebrating the life.``

~ Akahi